Pressure drying and dehumidification for layered constructions

Advanced Drying Systems from Chem-Dry – Pressure Drying


Chem-Dry can offer a Pressure drying system which is one of the most effective and fastest available methods for drying layered structures. Pressure drying can be used to advantage for drying floors on concrete slabs which contain insulation, where water has leaked down into the insulation under the floating floor. We have equipment for drying layered constructions such as walls, ceilings and floating floors.

pressure drying

Based on the dried air being led into a turbine from a dehumidifier, which raises the temperature and pressure of the air. The dry and very warm air is then forced down into the building construction via a hose system, which is connected to holes that are drilled in the construction. The warm, dry air is forced through the wet construction and/or insulation, where the heat increases the vapour pressure in the damp which increases the drying rate. The damp air is returned to the room where the dehumidifier dries and using it again before it is forced back into the building construction. The drying time can be reduced significantly. Using a closed drying system were possible limits the quantity of air is dried and heated and the dehumidification is then concentrated on the water damage in the construction. Drying mythology such as this can provide a very quick and energy-efficient drying process and reduce the need for strip out.

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